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March 13, 2010




Journal Entry: Sat Mar 13, 2010, 9:11 AM

:+favlove: the news article here please…

As some of you may know Pripyat is an abandoned city in the north of Ukraine. It was abandoned due to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident of 26th of April 1986. And some areas still remain uninhabitable due to high radiation levels. A clear reminder how dangerous nuclear reactors are.

The disaster had "only" 56 direct deaths, but over 800,000 people suffered from radiation all over eastern and western Europe. People still lay down their lives cause of this.

I've been fascinated by this place ever since I first heard of it a couple of years ago. The idea of a town abandoned within hours, and still remained untouched after so many years astonishes me.

When you look at the photos you can see what they were doing on that day, on that moment. Pripyat is like a photo in that perspective. The city has been frozen in time since that exact date and time of 26th of April 1986 at 1.23 am local time. And it will probably be like that for a long time.

I am planning to go to the exclusion zone before I turn 30. Many have been there to capture the destruction and emptiness. But this is something I want to experience myself.

This brings me to the people who have already been there, I would like to show you some of the photos which are taken there to give you an impression of the place.

I hope you are intrigued by this feature.

Pripyat by Dyingdead Pripyat by elcanto Pripyat - "Lunapark" by PoulN

Pripyat - "Post" by PoulN Pripyat - "Cars" by PoulN pripyat by kadse

The Pripyat Riesenrad by Br3ach Pripyat - "Square2" by PoulN Pripyat Kindergarten by Nige820

Kindergarten by stnz Pripyat_05 by maevec Ferris wheel in Pripyat by d2fan

Pripyat Pool 2003 by Rakenesh Wanna play? by MoonGod Dreamcatcher by Brute-ua

Childhood by Brute-ua Exorcism by Brute-ua to Decide by Brute-ua

:thumb100960588: Last Piano Lesson by Nam-tar Chernobyl doll by KasFEAR

Basketlessball by Brute-ua Chernobyl n13 by Sebalos Pripyat Rooftop 1 by NeQo

From Chernobyl With Love... by InquisitorX Applause by Brute-ua ferris wheel by suntouch3r

Abandonology by Brute-ua Pripyat1 by PoulN The great library by MBurczyk

Pripyat_16 by maevec :thumb110021992: Chernobyl n15 by Sebalos

Pripyat_31 by maevec The Zone IV by MBurczyk My city by Brute-ua

Maternity Ward 4 by lordyo School Greenhouse 3 by lordyo Chernobyl n16 by Sebalos

Chernobyl n3 by Sebalos Graff by UnknownJella Pripyat_29 by maevec

pripyat07 by czajna85 Apartment Block Corridor 3 by lordyo Big Brother by Karoshiya

Chernobyl n18 by Sebalos Chernobyl n20 by Sebalos Hotel Polissya by Brute-ua

The end.

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Galaxygirl300 Mar 14, 2010
Well written

Very fascinating :)
Well written

we have a "ghost house" in our town, i took allot of photos there last year, sort of scary cause the stairs where not that stable. Easy to get hurt I guess, it used to be psychiatric institution. There was this strange room, someone wrote im not crazy like thousands of times! Energy there was painful.


Thank you, psychiatric abandoned places always seem to have a strange energy in them, very fascinating.
Galaxygirl300 Mar 15, 2010

I allso want to visit bodie sometime (1962)

That looks very interesting as well :)
It's very intriguing indeed. Although I'd like to go there, I still won't because of the radiation. Although they say it's safe to go there for a little while, I guess it can't be healthy to be there at all.
It's safe if you follow the safety instructions. Just like you don't stay too long in the sun you could get skin-cancer and burns from that as well.

I'd only not go there if I was sensitive for any kind of radiation.
I still think it's not healthy :P Also, staying in the sun isn't healthy at all, so that's why I just don't go out on sunny day's too long, without any sun-protection.
I remember coming across a website once, where a woman had special access to sites affected by Chernobyl. She rode through on her motorcycle, taking plenty of photos and putting it into a photojournal on her site. I'd link the site if I still knew where it was. The destruction was horrible, but as you said, it's like a photo in its own way, capturing the way of life there, the moment everyone fled. The amusement park that never got to open their gates is the most fascinating to me.
Thanks for sharing your story, if you find the link, let me know. I'd be very interested!
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