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May 3, 2010



Talented Artists Featured + DD suggest update :D

Journal Entry: Mon May 3, 2010, 2:23 PM

Hello people,

Just found out a DD I suggested actually got one :D

Here it is

In the digital era by Marco-art

What is it with the hate against spiders? It's starting to bother me that I get comments on every spider-photo I upload saying "Eww"
"that's disgusting!" or the best I've seen "Great shot, I would fav this if I didn't have so much hate for spiders".

Spiders are very interesting and beautiful creatures. Learn what spiders do before judging it by it's looks. Because I think doing that is quite shallow, even with animals and insects.

If you want to complain about spiders do it somewhere else, not with someone who appreciate these things.


I thought it was time to put some truly gifted artists in the spotlight.


Defence Down.. by Eukendei "Les Braves" by Eukendei The Curve by Eukendei

Closer to you.. by Eukendei Hendaye by Eukendei Evasive by Eukendei

Detachment by Eukendei Recollection by Eukendei Stones and sticks by Eukendei

Jetty by Eukendei Vuurtoren by Eukendei ? by Eukendei


Squashy Splash by Vic-R Little Lily No.2 by Vic-R Traffic In The Cold by Vic-R

Yellow Tulip by Vic-R :thumb150787328: Mountain Cornflower 2 by Vic-R

Frozes by Vic-R Thunderbranch by Vic-R Tool of the Trade - Tamron by Vic-R

Oh Cherry by Vic-R Smoky by Vic-R Springtime - Blossoms by Vic-R


Destiny by AndreyBobir Consciens by AndreyBobir packet - man by AndreyBobir

Harmony of destruction. by AndreyBobir illusion of consciousness by AndreyBobir Mirrors door by AndreyBobir

annihilation of sense by AndreyBobir It depends to look by AndreyBobir Soul by AndreyBobir

temple of wind by AndreyBobir think aloud by AndreyBobir witch by AndreyBobir

I hope you have enjoyed them!

Skin by Shinji-bpm
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Lou-in-Canada Featured By Owner May 4, 2010   Traditional Artist
oy Dynnad.. for some reason I think I may have been culprit on commenting some of those things, I'm not sure anymore. BUt yes, I DID have a EWE in recent spider pic title. :ashamed:
Sorry if my comments have offended anyone. But you know, I think one can not really prescribe the kind of comments people are allowed to post under our pictures. Ofcourse we all like to get a certain kind and not another. However, seeing what feelings, thoughts, emotions gets brought out by our pictures ~ erm, let's say *you* pictures.. is also very interesting, and can work different than first impression or comment tells you

I personally have always had that yukky feeling with SOME animals, and especially INSECTS, the biting sort.
At the same time, you know, I would not worry too much about people's comments. Because, some of those images you take are mesmerizing, and so pretty. And indeed, they DO bring more understanding for subjects people used to fear. So.. even if the comments aren't quite what you expected, or wanted.. you DO bring changes about.

For, just for your information, it is YOUR photographs that have me approach, instead of running away now.
It is *your* photographs, that have me WANTING to take close-up shots. Because I DO realize they're incredibly beautiful.
And because I WANT to overcome those "silly" fears. Because if *you* dare to take those pretty pictures, why shouldn't I try and do the same?
Your pictures CHALLENGE me in ways I've never thought possible. you have NO idea.

So.. for all the negative comments, pls know the importance of your pictures, and pls NEVER underestimate the impact of them!
Sometimes they need some time maybe, before sinking in, or SHOWING results. But they actually do DO something.
There, now that out the way.. anybody who wants to let loose on fear for spiders, I took this tiny tiny ridiculously tiny one. But underneath are some stories that tell about events, and fear. those who need to, pls feel free to add your own. And yes, I just took the *ewe* OUT of the title.. :lmao: (again, cause by YOU, Dynnnad.. lol)

And then how about ~ with Dynnad's permission~ maybe he would allow me to link to one of HIS images of his choice, showing the beauty of those spiders we're afraid of?
Maybe to counterbalance again, fear and beauty?

By the way, for me spiders are NOT as bad as wasps, bees, bumblebees and hornets. I have intense fear of those. Possible because my siblings have shown bad allergic reaction to stings, and because I therefore may have it too. I've never been bit, but maybe the fact I *run* is because I subconsciously KNOW I should AVOID ever being bitten or stung by em.
At the same time, I now find myself ging TO em, because
I. Want. That. Shot.

All that's all because of Dynnad's photographs...
So I guess, it's not all bad :icongrin--plz:
Dynnnad Featured By Owner May 5, 2010
Thank you very much for sharing that story...

I agree with you that it could lead to those reactions, but you have to type it first which means you've had time to think about the photo.

You've made the decision that what you type is what you really wanted to type and what you want the artist to see.

If someone were to see the picture in real life I could understand an ewww.

It's the time that I put into the photo to get that shot, which can be hours (being in the garden mainly) and then you receive comments with just "ewww" I think it would annoy you too.

Like you have worked on a pie for a few hours and someone tastes and just goes eww and walks away.

In this instance I think Eww is just destructive criticism..

And I do appreciate that you are being moved by my photography, that's very nice to hear. And that's what I'm trying to do.

I'm not out to make people feel disgusted.

And by the way you can call me Danny, that's my real name hehe :D
Lou-in-Canada Featured By Owner May 8, 2010   Traditional Artist
thanks. yeah..
``It's the time that I put into the photo to get that shot, which can be hours (being in the garden mainly) and then you receive comments with just "ewww" I think it would annoy you too.``

yeah, I hear you. Though most people never think about the time taken or effort done by the photographer. Most people just look at the shot only.

When you look at any photograph, do you* always think about what the photographer went through to take something?
I guess doing that, may certainly increase one`s appreciation for certain images, whereas before it`s just another shot
Dynnnad Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
For that reason alone I just don't appreciate those kind of comments, but ah well... what are you gonna do about it :P
Lou-in-Canada Featured By Owner May 8, 2010   Traditional Artist
Eukendei Featured By Owner May 4, 2010   Photographer
Uch ! Ik ben helemaal sprakeloos..
Wat geweldig van je Danny, echt ongeloofelijk..
Heel, heel erg bedankt en ik ben gek op spinnen (althans op de foto ;) )

Beste groet, Léon
Dynnnad Featured By Owner May 5, 2010
Graag gedaan hoor!! :D

En dank je wel! :D
wontseeyoufloataway Featured By Owner May 4, 2010
ok so. . . people can be afraid of being up high on a beautiful mountain right, they may appreciate its beauty but a still freaking scared. People have fears and as much as you dont have them, if someone says they love your shot but wont fav it due to it having something they are afraid of on it makes complete sense. Id be kinda happy they like my shot and are being honest.
Dynnnad Featured By Owner May 5, 2010
If you only say "Eww" it doesn't really come over as liking your shot.
wontseeyoufloataway Featured By Owner May 5, 2010
yeah i get that there is no point in eww but its ok for them to say good shot but not fav due to it bein a spider, fear is a weird thing
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